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Pilote Protect

This is usually known in the industry as a “protection detail”. Its general purpose is to have your car looking rejuvenated, freshened up and protected from the elements that all seasons bring. Your car is typically with us for a day.

  • Car is taken through an extensive wash process, Cleaning all exterior elements of your vehicle: wheels, arches, engine bay, grills, door and boot shuts.

  • Pre-clean/ degreasing, snow foam, safe washed using the 2-bucket method, wheels deep cleaned.

  • Decontaminated process includes, but is not limited to: Iron fallout remover; Tar and glue remover; Clay bar.

  • Interior deep cleaned, fabric steamed and protected. Leather cleansed and protected.

  • Glass cleaned inside as well as out.

  • Mats and boot liner protected.

  • Windscreen hydrophobic coated.

  • Exterior plastics dressed and protected.

  • Wheel faces spray sealed and tyres dressed.

  • Coat of wax or sealant applied or topped up from a previous detail.


Pilote Detail

This is a single or multistage machine polish to bring back and enhance the lustre of your cars paint following a full safe wash and decontamination. This is in addition to the full Pilote Protect process.

Levels of enhancement or correction of the paint are discussed at the inspection stage and vary based on age and current condition of the paint.

Typically, a single stage machine polish can remove light marring or oxidisation, fine swirl marks and haziness that stops the light reflecting properly from the paint’s surface. Levels of correction are better achieved with multiple stages of polishing and if maintained properly can last for many years. Your vehicle is usually with us for two to three days.

We will machine polish the painted areas of the car achieving between 70-95% correction based on the job agreed at time of booking. Following the polishing stages your paint is sealed to create a toughened exterior surface that will lock in the shine created, it also gives a perfectly smooth surface to be waxed.

Wax protection varies depending on the season. For example, in the summer we tend to use softer, glossier finished waxes whereas in winter months we focus on protection against harsher conditions, therefore opting for harder, more ridged waxes.

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Applying a ceramic coating to your car takes your protection to the next level!

Ceramic and quartz coatings enhance gloss levels whilst giving longer lasting protection against swirls, contamination, chemicals and dirt, keeping your car cleaner for longer and making it easy to maintain that showroom finish.

We are a certified detailing Centre for CARPRO Ceramic Coatings. So we can offer you CARPRO PROFESSIONAL and CARPRO FINEST ceramic coatings

Once your car has had its Pilote Detail you can choose to upgrade your package to include a coating. The coating applied is selected based on your car’s age, how you wish to maintain it and how long you plan to keep the car. This is discussed at point of enquiry and prices vary based on which option you choose.

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New Car Detail

We can detail your car prior to your collection date. The dealer does not prep your car, we do.

This option has become very popular in recent times. Dealers aren’t known for their vehicle detailing skills; in fact, the final prep and clean on your brand new car will often be rushed at the last minute as dealers prep cars on a ‘just in time’ basis.

What we do: We will safely remove all transportation wax, stickers and consignment notes, then we’ll wash and decontaminate the exterior of the car, interior is cleaned, fabric and leather is protected. The car gets a single stage light machine polish to prepare the painted surface for ceramic coating, paint is ceramic coated, glass gets a hydrophobic coating, wheels are removed, coated then refitted and torqued to manufacturer standard and plastics are protected and dressed.

We can collect your car from most local dealers and put it through our New Car Detail prep and coordinate the delivery back to the dealership just hours before your collection time meaning your car is protected from day one.

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Wheels off option

Removal of wheels, deep cleansed, contaminants removed, previous wheel weight glue removed. Wheels are then blown dry and coated to protect and make maintenance cleaning simple. With a coating applied, brake dust and tar will become much easier to wash away.

Convertible roof deep clean and reprotection

Soft tops are often overlooked during regular washing at home but they need to be maintained. We will use a 4-step cleaning process to remove dirt, tree sap, bird lime and algae that builds up in the damp areas such as seams and joins of the hood. We will then recoat the freshly cleaned and dried area with an industry leading hydrophobic coating.

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